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Since 2000, we have provided intervention and support services for children with special needs and "At-Risk" youths in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Now, we have expanded our services to support the Rocky Mount, NC community. We are education advocates working on behalf of children with learning disabilities and their families to get the resources they require. We also work with families of "at-risk" children to provide an alternative learning environment for those who are on the threshold of entering the criminal justice system by way of the school-to-prison pipeline. We, at Hilltop Learning and Resource Center Inc., know that once learners are introduced to law enforcement for disciplinary action, they are forced out of the educational environment and placed in a world that, in most cases, does more harm than good. Hilltop Learning and Resource Center, Inc. provides alternative education programs designed to help learners become productive citizens. We are committed to providing exceptional educational programs, intervention, support, and resources to our families throughout the community. 

Contact us at or call 252-231-3864 for more details.

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